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Domestic Mastic Man UK.

Have you spent hundreds, maybe thousands, on a new bathroom, kitchen or extension? Well, do not let it be spoilt by letting your builder do the mastic. Often the work is rushed and the builder will use cheap and inferior mastic that won’t even last 6 months.

Our Residential Mastic Sealant Services.

Leave this job to the professionals.

G T Sealants only use the highest quality anti-fungal silicone to guarantee a long lasting crisp finish. For a reasonable price, the client will have the best finish that will make all the difference.

We can replace your black or mouldy mastic!

Have you had enough of looking at that horrible black mastic in the corner of your bath? Well it happens to most baths eventually. It is caused by bacteria getting into the silicone. Our anti-fungal silicone will prevent this happening. We can offer you a reasonable price to cut out and re-seal.


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