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How Much Sealant Do I Need?

Getting the proper quantity of materials for a job is a balancing act, much of the time, materials and money are wasted through over or under buying. In the case of building materials, it is fairly easy to calculate. Measurements can be taken using rules and tape. This is not

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Best Bathroom Sealant and Shower Sealants

Your bathroom is an important part of the house. It is only right that you keep it running efficiently while also maintaining the aesthetic of the household. For this reason, caulk for showers and bathtubs are crucial to the cosmetic value of your bathroom as well as the efficiency value.

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guide to sealant

Brief Guide to Sealants – Types of Sealant

There are so many sealants out there. As such, it can be hard to know which will be the absolute best one for the job in hand, and which will be best suited to particular surfaces. Wonder no more, with this brief building sealants guide, detailing the most common types

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The Cost to Replace Grouting in a Bathroom

Got some bathroom work that needs doing? Mainly the grouting of the tiles coating your walls? If you’re wondering how to re grout tiles, below is everything you need to know. The Job of Re Grouting Tiles in Your Bathroom The job of re grouting tiles in the bathroom is

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How to use a caulk gun

How to Use a Caulk Gun

A caulk gun is an important tool to have handy, and it’s wise to understand how to use sealant gun. You’ll likely find that you use it often to touch up places around your home and that it adds protection and beauty to your spaces. Caulking is a simple and

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How to Apply Silicone Sealant

Sealants are a bit of a step up from screwdrivers, spanners, and hammers for the do-it-yourself crowd, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out more about them and learn how to use them with ease and confidence. Essentially, sealant fills a gap between two surfaces. It hardens and

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What is Mastic Sealant?

If you’re an avid DIY-enthusiast, you are bound to bump into a mastic sealant at some point. Used as a bond, it’s a waterproof material that seals cracks and helps to protect household fixtures and fittings. Continue reading to find out more about mastic sealant and the pros and cons of using

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Removing Silicone Sealant

How to Remove Silicone Sealant

If you’ve ever used silicone sealant before, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to stop it from getting everywhere. Once the project is over, the house can resemble a plasterer’s on a Friday afternoon! This causes two problems: it looks untidy and gets in the way when you want to

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