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How Much Sealant Do I Need?

Getting the proper quantity of materials for a job is a balancing act, much of the time, materials and money are wasted through over or under buying. In the case of building materials, it is fairly easy to calculate. Measurements can be taken using rules and tape.

This is not the case with sealant. As it comes in a tube, it can be extremely difficult to determine how much is required for a job, and this leads to inefficiencies and wastage.

If you are unable to measure the sealant quantities required for a job accurately, you will likely buy in too much. In the end, you will have overspent on the project and wasted a good deal of sealant that could have been spared. If you underestimate the quantity needed, it builds inefficiency into the project, and lost revenue, as workers need to clock off to buy more.

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What if there was a way to accurately measure the sealant quantity needed and buy it all in one go – with confidence? Luckily there is, and we can provide you with it right now for free!

It comes in the form of a simple formula that when used, gives you the precise number of linear meters of sealant from any size of bottle. The formula reads as follows:

Size of the Tube (ml) / (Width of the Joint (mm) x Depth of the Joint (mm)) = Number of Linear Metres From A Tube

For example, if the tube was 310ml and the joint was 6mm wide and 6mm deep.

310 / (6×6) = Number of Linear Metres

310/36 = 8.6 metres

Simply use the formulas the next time you need to buy sealant for a job and don’t lose money on inefficiencies. Always remember to make allowances for wastage when calculating the sealant quantity.

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