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What is Food Grade Silicone Sealant

What is Food Grade Silicone Sealant?

Food grade silicone sealant is a type of non-slump sealant that bonds various types of materials. It’s especially useful for vertical or overhead spaces as it won’t flow or sag. Food grade silicone sealant is specially developed for food service environments and appliances such as refrigerators and other white goods. Food grade sealants are available in different colours and can be used for different materials and applications. It’s designed to withstand operating conditions relating to food production and services such as high temperatures, moisture, and freeze-thaw environments.

Food grade silicone sealant is available in various colours including clear, black, white, metallic, and red. This allows you to choose the cosmetic finish you desire. It also comes in different applications such as food safe caulk, food grade silicone putty, and food grade silicone sealant spray. The suitable type used depends on the surface but none of them will react with any foodstuffs or other media they come into contact with.

As well as FDA-approved food compatibility, food grade silicone sealant also works on a wide range of materials. These include plastic, concrete, metal, foam, and ceramics. It provides a durable seal that’s both flexible and waterproof. It can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces offering effective adhesion. Food grade silicone sealant is mould-resistant and helps prevent the development of common bacteria.

If you are operating in a food service environment, you need a sealant that is both heat and stain-resistant. Food grade silicone sealant will be able to withstand hot pots and pans, and it’s also scratch-proof and easy to clean and maintain. In order to meet health and safety standards, you need a sealant with minimum toxicity that’s FDA approved. For this reason, food grade sealant is the most suitable option. There are many advantages of using food grade silicone sealant compared to regular sealant.

What are the benefits of using food grade silicone sealant?

Food grade silicone sealant is safe, non-toxic, and temperature resistant. Food grade silicone is safe food, but not all sealants are. Other types of silicone sealants don’t meet certain standards for contact with food, and it’s important to ensure the one you choose is designed specifically for food preparation areas and appliances.

The difference between regular sealant and food grade sealant

Regular silicone sealant used for industrial projects is odorous and opaque and unsuitable for contact with food. Food grade silicone is odorless and non-toxic as well as being environmentally-friendly. It’s essential to look for food grade silicone that has been approved by the FDA. It has other characteristics making it better for long-term use. It’s resilient with high elasticity and won’t crack or peel. Different types of food grade silicone such as food grade caulk or food safe putty, are effective for sealing gaps in walls and fixtures, and even smaller kitchen appliances. There are also other types of approved food grade sealant. Food grade polyurethane sealant also provides a safe finish once it’s cured.

When to use food grade silicone sealant

If you run any type of business that deals with food preparation or production you need food grade silicone sealant to protect your fixtures and appliances that’s also 100% safe. If you have concrete countertops, choose a sealant that will help optimise them for cooking. You can also use clear food grade silicone sealant to cover work surfaces that are prone to staining or being marked by hot equipment.

The correct sealant will also protect them against acidic corrosion and the growth of bacteria. You need a sealant that’s not only safe to encounter food directly but that will also protect the appearance of your work surface. If you’re wondering where to buy food grade silicone sealant, look for a reputable website, ironmonger’s, or supermarket that will offer official FDA-approved materials.

Use the right materials for your project

GT Sealants offers a range of high-quality food grade silicone sealants that are FDA-approved. If you’re looking for food grade silicone sealant in the UK, you can find the right product for your business. It’s essential to choose the correct sealant according to your operating conditions in order to comply with health and safety and to protect your equipment. Our food grade sealants are resistant to wear and tear, high temperatures, and airborne chemicals. If your work surfaces encounter food they need the proper protection that’s compatible with the environment. If you are in need of professional assistance and advice on when to use food grade silicone sealants, get in touch today.

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