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The Cost to Replace Grouting in a Bathroom

Got some bathroom work that needs doing? Mainly the grouting of the tiles coating your walls? If you’re wondering how to re grout tiles, below is everything you need to know.

The Job of Re Grouting Tiles in Your Bathroom

The job of re grouting tiles in the bathroom is one that’s done with a lot of consideration. There can be quite a few reasons as to why someone decides to regrout their tiles, including cleaning, removing, and replacing any previous grouting within the bathroom.

The main reason is due to the aging of the previous grouting, meaning it now looks so faded and worn it can be mistaken for being dirty. Aside from this reason, a lot of people are dealing with bathrooms that have crumbling or ill fitting grouting, usually meaning the grouting was fitted wrong in the first place, or there’s an underlying mould problem. Fixing the cause of the mould is one of the biggest parts of the job, and can usually be due to water getting behind the tiles.

In order to have your bathroom grouted or re grouted, plenty of tools will be needed. First, a drill is used to remove as much of the grout between the tiles, and for any leftover grouting or debris, a screwdriver is perfect for scraping out the corners.

Then, the right type of grouting will be needed, depending on if the floors or walls need re grouting. Some grouts come ready mixed and some need to be mixed on the day, a scraper for cleaning up excess grouting product, and then using a tool known as a grout float to actually apply the grout with.

Be sure to clean off the excess as you go, to ensure it does not dry and become a whole new job later on to remove. Once the grouting is all done, you can also use a dry to damp sponge or spongy material to get rid of smaller stains.

If working with a professional, they’ll be able to tell you if some of the original grout in your bathroom can be salvaged and reused, and simply added to or strengthened using the new grout mixture. If trying to identify these areas on your own, be sure to use a cleaning solution to wipe down the grouting and see if the colour returns. Be sure to work carefully when grouting, as tiles can easily crack or be chipped by the tools you’re using.

Working Out the Cost of Re Grouting a Bathroom

The cost of re grouting a bathroom can be variable, depending on where you live. Indeed, the cost also depends on the size of the job, and whether you decide to DIY the job or work with a professional company.

In order to purchase a bag of grouting that you’ll need for even just a portion of your bathroom, it’ll cost you at least £15 per 12.5kg. However, costs here can be up to £20 per 12kg.

You’ll have to factor in how many bags you’ll need for the average sized bathroom, usually of the dimensions of 5ft by 8ft, but many modern bathrooms can be much larger. Measure by tile, and follow the guidelines on the bags of grouting you’re working with. For a single person with not much time on their hands, this can be a lengthy and expensive project.

Hiring a professional to grout the bathroom for you can cost you at least £150 per day, but it’s a guaranteed 24 to 48 hour turnaround for a project like this. You won’t have to pay for any grouting, or any new tiles you may require. Be sure to work with local tradesmen for the best prices; collect as many quotes as you need to.

It Might Be Best to Leave it to the Professionals

According to the costs above, it’s often best to leave re grouting tiles in your bathroom to the professionals. Working with a professional can ensure you get the results you want, in the turnaround time you need, and a quote that’s personal to you and your situation.

If you’re new to DIY, or you’re not sure how to proceed with such a project on your own, many mistakes can be made. For example, your bathroom may be bigger or smaller than the average bathroom, and you might not know it, so having a professional to measure and estimate the rough costs saves a lot of time and money in the long run.

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